Welcome to the Creative Mafia!

Mafia Creativa is a collective of creative people started and maintained by ZER8🧠. Our members have different backgrounds and we are based in Transylvania, but our impact is worldwide. We want to show the world the power of the three C': creativity, collaborations and cryptocurrency.

Our main mission is to support the collaborative and regenerative economy by launching fun and hopefully crazy creative experiments decided by our community. Our actions contribute to making our society more altruistic, inclusive, fun and promote critical thinking while at it.

Our functions are:

  • onboarding great people and NGOs and helping them explore/fundraise in web3
  • growing the regenerative and public goods scene in Romania/Europe
  • onboarding people to the collaborative economy
  • promoting a culture of open collaboration/education and inspiration
  • launching creative experiments online and IRL

Our goals are:

  • promoting and creating the regenerative scene/culture locally
  • growing our community and educating them on various topics
  • incubating multiple romanian communities for various web3 projects
  • ree onboarding to web3 for artists/creatives. If you're an artist reading join our Discord
  • becoming a decentralized investment fund for artists, creatives and people that have cool idea

Our values are:

  • faith
  • honesty
  • cunningness
  • prosperity
  • versatility
  • being creative for the benefit of life

If you’re interested and share our values feel free to join our Discord. https://discord.gg/z2CeHSxPcu