Popescu Razvan Matei is a telecommunications enginner and creative. He founded ZER8 - a rogue clothing brand based on values more than $. In 2016 he entered the crypto realm and has been fascinated by this space, DAOs and all the technologies that could make Earth a better place(not only for humans). He buzzez all day long in a DAO called 1hive, is a trusted seed at Commons Stack and is a member in the governance of ColdTruthCultureNFTs. His hobby is to help artists/creatives and buidlers in this space grow and create inclusive and innovative products that's why in 2021 he founded Mafia Creativa.

Pruteanu Alexandru is a architecture gradute with a ma$ters degree in fashion design. In love with art, hip-hop, luxury fashion and all fine things he established AMBRA, a high-end streetwear fashion label that will rock your world. While creating a couple of hardcore clothing pieces he quiclky realised that Ambra will be the first trully high-end streetwear brand in Romania.

Bejnari Roman is a former account manager of the Bucharest Stock Exchange that redirected his interest to breakthrough technologies like blockchain. Blogger and writer for various crypto platforms, studying dapps, smart contracts and financial instruments that can facilitate and improve people's life for real good in the near future. An art lover on a deep dive for the true definition of art.

Anna Elekes(Annomalia) is a very passionate psychology $tudent, illustrator and empath who loves animals, music and reading. She loves to study the link between creative expression and mental health. She does illustrations for a couple of decentralised projects and in her spare time volunteers for cool causes.

Robert Secrieru is a proffesional trader and hip-hop connoisseur. He worked with some of the best traders in Romania and he just started Bullcharge, an financial education platform. In love with fotball and sports he hopes he could have an impact there as well.

Daju IonuČ› Alexandru aka John is our $ales guru. Former law student who discovered a better way to exploit his capacity for words and started a sales career. Has been working in the luxury and beauty industry as a sales agent and agency director for more then 6 years in 15 different countries.

Dorian Drimbe is a high-school teacher with $uperhuman drawing powers. He teaches kids cool stuff by day and afterwards makes amazing drawings, concepting, murrals and even graffity by night(but don't tell anyone).

Cristina Olaru studies fashion, but she draws and paints in a really amazing way. She has a talent in mixing different techniques in her works and creating cool vibe$ from them.

Rada Bogdan is a medical doctor with a lot of interestin in blockchain and gaming. He as a natural talent for writting and $torytelling.