1. We started a free educational twitter group for romanians interested in web3, mainly focused on creatives

    1. It grew to over 30 people and 5 of our members got jobs in web3 and collaborations via our group

  2. Onboarded 20 people to web3 and empowered them to explore the ecosystem via 1/1 and group educational sessions hosted regularly via Twitter spaces and on our Discord

    1. Created Giveth projects for inclusive causes, raised over 1000$ for Rebeca

    2. Donated all the funds raised on Giveth (over 500$) to NGOs such as Wild Bucovina, Asociatia Hope and Pollicino

  3. Hosted “Education in rotation” calls in which we empower each other with our skills and experience

    1. Focused on growing our community of givers and creatives that care

    2. Working on scaling our efforts via online contests in the cities of Romania